K/S Library (European Branch)

Updated: 24.05.2021
Total number of titles: 484
Page number: 18
Pages: 25
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Publisher: Pon Farr Press

Date of Publication: 1980

Genre: slash

Type: novel

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A Question of Balance 

Della van Hise 


The K/S Fanzine Library is a lending library and works by snail mail. Browse our catalogue (detailed information on the contents of each zine can be found in the linked Fanlore articles), choose up to three zines, and get in touch with your friendly librarian (kslibrary AT kiscon DOT org) who will then send the zines to your postal address. After three weeks (not counting shipping time) you mail them back to the library, together with a little cash to reimburse the library for postage costs. Rinse & repeat.

There is currently no U.S. branch of the K/S Library. If you live in the U.S. you can still order from the European branch, but due to the high postage costs it might be much more reasonable to check if you can get the desired zine on Ebay or Jim & Melody's zine shop. We are working on establishing a new U.S. branch of the K/S Library in the near future.

There are a few zines in our collection that are still kept in print by their publishers (e.g. all zines by Mkashef Enterprises) and are thus not eligible for snail mail lending. They are part of our reference library only and you can read them should you happen to pay a personal visit to the library in Vienna. The K/S Fanzine Library does not want to take away business from zine publishers! On the contrary, we hope to whet your appetite for print zines, and encourage you to invest in this traditional fannish medium. It's in the hands of the fen whether new zines will continue to see the light of day in the future.

So if you'd like to get your hands on a zine in this catalogue that's still in print, we will happily assist you with getting in touch with its publisher.